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MSN Administration

35 semester hours

  • This concentration focuses on the application of specialized knowledge and skills in nursing administration to prepare the graduate to be successful in mid-level and upper-level management positions.
  • Concepts and theories related to financial and economic aspects of health care, health care policy, nursing delivery systems, resource management, human resources, program evaluation, and organizational leadership are applied with an emphasis on the interpersonal and visionary attributes of the nurse leader.
  • Selected clinical, administrative, and research experiences provide the students with the opportunity to function as a nurse executive.
  • The program is offered in a hybrid format. Online courses are bookended by onsite classes.


  1. Develop strategies to achieve quality outcomes in care delivery with respect to fiscal and human resources.
  2. Apply management theory in the design and implementation of services in a health care system.


395 minimum clinical practicum hours

Note:  These clinical experiences are accomplished under the guidance of a faculty member and a preceptor in field study and internship courses. All preceptors MUST hold a minimum preparation at the master's level.

Nursing Administration

Nursing Administration Plan of Study

Nursing Coursework

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