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Degree Requirements

Core Requirements

NURS 5000 Theoretical Basis of Nursing Practice 3
NURS 5001 Research Designs in Nursing 3
NURS 5010 Social, Cultural and Political Perspectives On Healthcare and Delivery Systems 3
NURS 5014 Healthcare Informatics 3
NURS 5022 Research Seminar 3
  Total Core Hours: 15



Specialized Credits

Total Program Credits

Administration 20 35
Education 24 39
Family Nurse Practitioner 30 45
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner 30 45

Clinical Practicum Hours


Clinical Practicum Hours

Administration 395 minimum
Education 420 minimum
Family Nurse Practitioner 600 minimum
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner 600 minimum

Note: These clinical experiences are accomplished under the guidance of a faculty member and a preceptor in field study and internship courses. All preceptors MUST hold a minimum preparation at the master's level.

  • The advanced practice nursing core (required of all students)
  • The advanced practice specialty core
  • The nursing clinical and/or functional specialization (elective practicums for Educator, Administrator, FNP, PNP).

A comprehensive assessment is required for the completion of this program.