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Degree Requirements

To earn a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Curriculum and Instruction from King University, each student must:

  • Satisfy all prerequisites.
  • Satisfactorily complete all required coursework while maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Present an exit presentation of the student's action research project.
  • Pay all fees and tuition charges.

Required Coursework for Students Seeking Licensure

Course Number
Course Name
EDUC 5000 Designing Instruction for Exceptional Learners 3 s.h.
EDUC 5010 Research Methods 3 s.h.
EDUC 5015 Instructional Planning 3 s.h.
EDUC 5020 Instructional Design 3 s.h.
EDUC 5030 Human Relations in the Classroom 3 s.h.
EDUC 5040 Advanced Assessment and Evaluation 3 s.h.
EDUC 5060 Social Foundations of American Education 3 s.h.
EDUC 5070 Advanced Educational Psychology 3 s.h.
EDUC 5090 Theory and Practice of Literacy Development and Reading Instruction in the Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Classroom 3 s.h.
EDUC 5100 Action Research Project 4 s.h.
EDUC 5110 Research Seminar 2 s.h.

Total Hours

33 s.h.


The following additional advanced core courses are specific to either elementary or secondary education and are required of all students according to their specific specialty.

Advanced Core Courses for Elementary Education
EDUC 3550 Related Arts Curriculum 3 s.h.
EDUC 5080 Elementary Curriculum Design 3 s.h.
ENGL 3140 Children's Literature 3 s.h.

Total Hours

9 s.h.

Advanced Core Courses for Secondary Education
EDUC 5085 Secondary Methods and Materials 3 s.h.

Total Hours

3 s.h.

Clinical Teaching Experience
EDUC 4XXX Clinical Teaching Practicum 5 s.h.
EDUC 4XXX Clinical Teaching Practicum 5 s.h.
EDUC 4950 Seminar in Teaching 2 s.h.
KING 5010 Comprehensive Assessment 0 s.h.

Total Hours

12 s.h.

A comprehensive assessment is required for the completion of this program.