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Degree Requirements

mbaTo earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, each graduate student must:

  • Satisfy all prerequisites.
  • Complete the 36 hours of graduate level coursework.
  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or above, and received no more than two "C"s.
  • Pay all fees and tuition charges.

MBA Program Courses

Semetser One
Course Number
Course Name
BUSA 5010 Leadership and Ethical Decision Making 3 s.h.
BUSA 5030 Quantitative and Research Methods 3 s.h.
BUSA 5040 Economics of Organizational Architecture and Strategy 3 s.h.
BUSA 5050 Strategic Marketing Management 3 s.h.
BUSA 5061 Accounting for Managerial Decision Making 3 s.h.
BUSA 5085 International Business 3 s.h.
BUSA 5600  Business Development and Networking I 0 s.h.
Semester Two 
Course Number
 Course Name
BUSA 5062 Strategic Financial Management 3 s.h.
BUSA 5069 Business Law 3 s.h.
BUSA 5090 Strategic Management 3 s.h.
BUSA 5601 Bussiness Development and Networking II 0 s.h.
BUSA XXXX Specialization Course 1 Online 3 s.h.
BUSA XXXX Specialization Course 2 Online 3 s.h.
BUSA XXXX Specialization Course 3 Online 3 s.h.
KING 5010 Comprehensive Assessment 0 s.h.
Total Semester Hours
36 s.h.


Students may participate in an optional, practical internship during the fall and/or spring semesters of the program. The assignment of internships is competitive. The Career Success Center department will orchestrate the internship assignments.

Corporate Visits and Learning Teams

Participation is required for all students to participate with a learning team and attend school arranged corporate visits and tours. These constitute vital learning components which will further explore the classroom experience in a practical setting.

A comprehensive assessment is required for the completion of this program.