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Master of Business Administration - MBA

This program is a full-time day option designed for recent college graduates with little or no prior work experience. The daytime MBA is offered at the Bristol campus only.


For the professional focused MBA program which meets in the evenings at King or online, click here.


The primary goal of the Master of Business Administration program at King University is:

  • To prepare students to be effective, strategic leaders and managers.
  • Assist students in directly integrating management research, theoretical constructs, skills, abilities, and ethical practices within their own contemporary-professional situation.
  • Directed towards managing for quality results.


  • Enroll in a small group, usually 20-25 in size.
  • Remain together as a group for all core courses.
  • Optional business internship experiences available.
  • Add specializations in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Management, Leadership, Project Management, or Healthcare Administration.

Accelerated Pace

  • Attend Fall and Spring.
  • 9-month program duration.

Applied Learning

  • Integrate theory and academic content with personal internship experience.
  • Use your experience in the classroom.

Participative Methodology

  • The MBA program is a blend of intensive classroom case analysis with individual preparation and small group discussion.

  • Each learning team is typically made up of five to six students, assembled at the beginning of the school year. Students find the curriculum both challenging and rewarding. The program utilizes the case method, which is based on a four-step learning process allowing for complete understanding and integration of the materials.


For information about accreditation CLICK HERE.