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About Master of Business Administration Program


The primary goal of the Master of Business Administration program at King University is to prepare students to be effective, strategic leaders and managers. The program assists students in directly integrating management research, theoretical constructs, skills abilities, and ethical practices within their own contemporary-professional situation.

The program is a blend of intensive classroom case analysis with individual preparation and small group discussion. An emphasis is placed on managing for quality results. The MBA curriculum adopts and implements three creative components: a team-based learning model, a fully-integrated curriculum, and a transformational learning experience for personal and professional skill development.

The MBA program is a 36-hour program, designed for recent baccalaureate graduates who have little work experience.

Program Outcomes

MBA program graduates will be prepared to meet the following competency outcomes:

  • Manage in a multitude of organizations, whether product or service based, for-profit or not-for-profit, utilizing advanced management knowledge, philosophy, skills, and theory.
  • Apply a global, "holistic," and systems-oriented approach to managing that incorporates organizational behavior and theory, leadership, strategy, marketing, accounting, ethics, quantitative methods, economic and financial analysis, and decision-making.
  • Lead and serve with integrity and moral responsibility.
  • Think critically about the domestic, global, and multicultural perspectives associated with management and to assess how such perspectives reflect a dynamic worldview which embraces the highest standards of ethical practice.
  • Grow in an environment which enables knowledge to be acquired that enriches spiritual, intellectual, and professional development.
  • Synthesize intellectual endeavors and management skills in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Continue a life-long love of learning.

The Case Method

The case method is based on a four-step learning process, which allows for complete understanding and integration of the materials. The four-step learning process is outlined below:

  1. Read and consider each case. You must identify problems, define alternatives, analyze data, make decisions, and outline a course of action on your own.
  2. Discussion of the case takes place with your learning team. The team considers relevant points and works together to clarify and resolve trouble spots or areas of uncertainty.
  3. With the help of your professor, the collective input of everyone in the class is explored. Professors ensure everyone in the class shares a common experience on which to build future generalizations and understandings about management.
  4. Synthesis and reflection. Taking time to consider how your initial ideas changed as a result of input from your learning team, section mates, and instructors is a critical component of the learning process.

Learning Teams

An essential part of our approach is teamwork. Each learning team is typically made up of five to six students, assembled by the program director at the beginning of each school year. Teams are designed to promote the diversity of students' professional and academic backgrounds. Gender, country of origin, professional experience, and fall section assignments are some of the attributes considered in the formation of each team.

Learning teams also allow students to share and test ideas before presenting them in class. Teams are not expected to provide all of the answers. Rather, students learn how to work within a group while mastering new concepts and skills. In order to create a high-performing team, students must be committed to the group.

Not all Work

The School of Business hosts a number of guest speakers and corporate visits throughout the year. Students participate in Chamber of Commerce meetings and events.The program director also coordinates an active community service program.

Laptop Requirement

The MBA program requires a laptop with Microsoft Office 2010 and wireless capability.