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DNP Admissions Requirements

King University seeks to enroll master's degree prepared nurses who have a desire to pursue a 

DNP King Universityterminal degree. The DNP program is open to qualified applicants who hold a master’s degree in nursing from an accredited school and a current unencumbered license as a registered nurse, including practitioners, educators, nurse specialists, generalists, and administrators.

 To apply for admission to King University, students must take the following steps:

·      Submit a completed application at

·      Submit official transcripts of all academic work

·      English language competency as demonstrated by the TOEFL for international students

DNP Admissions Process

All applicants must complete the online application available on the King University at Candidates must complete all required sections of the application and upload all required documents before the application can be processed and sent to the DNP Admissions Committee for consideration. The following details all requirements, materials, and processes for consideration of acceptance into the Doctor of Nursing (DNP) program:

    • Completed Application Form
    • Non-refundable $125 application fee
    • Official transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate course work. Official transcripts must be received directly from the awarding institutions.
    • Upload the verification of post-baccalaureate clinical and practice hours document that must be completed by candidate’s graduate nursing program. The document can be found in the DNP handbook.
    • A curriculum vitae or resume that includes the following professional accomplishments
      • Copy of current license (RN and APN license, if applicable)
      • Copy of certification in an advanced practice specialty (if applicable)
      • Professional and scholarly accomplishments
        • Professional podium or poster presentations, publications, or secured grants, etc.
        • Professional organization participation (membership or offices held)
        • Volunteer work and community services
        • Professional awards and honors
      • Three letters of reference. Applicants should provide the names and e-mail addresses of three persons willing to serve as references. At least one reference should be from a former dean or academic faculty and one from a former supervisor.
      • Supporting documentation to be submitted electronically:
        • Statement of reason(s) for seeking the DNP degree from King University (300 word essay)
        • Description of how their Christian values and beliefs, prior education, and professional experience have influenced their decision and prepared them for doctoral studies (500 word essay)
        • A 2-3 page proposal identifying an evidence-based practice problem for a proposed culminating translational research project. This practice problem may be a practice issue, a clinical management problem, or an area of clinical research that the applicant plans to explore while in the program. The paper should cite appropriate sources and closely adhere to the current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA). In addition, the applicant must be able to identify key resources (personnel, preceptors, institutions) necessary to address the proposed practice problem.
      • An interview with DNP faculty that is scheduled after the application has been electronically submitted for review by the DNP Admissions Committee.            
      • An academic writing sample that is scheduled after the candidate has completed the interview with the DNP Admissions Committee.
      • A graduate level statistics course completed within five years prior to program matriculation is highly encouraged, but is not an admission requirement.
      • Applicants whose native language is not English must submit the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score. King University requires a minimum TOEFL score of 223 computer, 563 written, or 84 internet for admission.

Admission to the DNP program is competitive but does not focus on a single factor to determine the best candidates. Decisions for admission are based on demonstrated academic achievements, work history and performance, leadership ability, community involvement, writing ability, and ability to successfully develop, implement, and evaluate a translational research project.

Each year, the application submission deadline is June 1st.