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Communication Courses



Course Title

Course Description

COMM 1500

Basics of COMM at King

* Required online course taken DURING first two weeks as a student introduces students to the fundamentals of the COMM program: writing, APA style, introduction-level COMM concepts, etc.

COMM 2400

Professional Communication

* Traditional components of Professional Comm— developing professional emails, memos, proposals and reports
* Students study effective job interviewing and prepare resumes


COMM 2500

Visual Rhetoric

* Introduction to basic design
* Students assess effectiveness of visual rhetoric and produce persuasive documents that demonstrate mastery of attractive design and rhetorical principles

COMM 2600

Introduction to Media COMM

* History of mass media and overview of theory
* Analyze how media shapes society through news, TV, film, books, internet, etc.
* Students develop a critical lens for analyzing mass media

COMM 2700

Adv. Speech Communication

* Developing impeccable public speaking skills
* Students cultivate listening and ethical criticism skills
* Presenting in a variety of professional situations


COMM 3600

Organizational Communication

* Overview of organizational communication and theory
* Students work to develop company contributions that are probably professional deliverables in the “real world”

COMM 3000

Communication Theory

* Introduction to communication theory
* Address approaches to theory and schools of thought
* Students write a theory rich paper, analyzing and applying a COMM theory

COMM 3200

Interpersonal Communication

* Introduction to interpersonal communication and theory
* Incorporates conflict management and resolution strategies
* Students analyze interpersonal relationships through theoretical lens

COMM 3300

Editing for Special Topics in COMM

* Course focuses on special topics and editing for that newly learned content
* Explore every-changing sectors of communication including crisis, social media, and marketing

* Editing skills developed by revising own work and classmate's submissions

COMM 3400

Rhetoric and Persuasion

* Overview impact of persuasion
* Assess persuasive approaches and contemporary uses of persuasion

COMM 3500

Public Relations

* Students learn construction of public relations messages (i.e., press releases, PSAs, memos, proposals, etc.)
* Engage in writing through and for media

COMM 4100

Ethics in Communication

* Course focuses on theories of ethics
* Ethical communication applied to business & behavioral contexts
* Students discuss case studies, personal experiences, and analyze the importance of ethical standards

COMM 4500

Leadership Communication

* Students learn to assess leadership styles including their unique personality make-up
*Identify how to approach management roles in a variety of contexts
* Course teaches effective leadership habits— as individuals, believers, and ethical employees in the work force

COMM 4990

COMM Assessment

* Students develop a cumulative portfolio that showcases growth in communication. * Required portfolio consists of five revised assignments and a final paper that reflects upon time at King, concepts learned, and how student will become a transformer of culture