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About the Program

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration program offers: 48 semester hours

Residency Requirement

You must take at least 48 semester hours to receive a bachelor's degree from King University.

Prior college work:

  • You must complete at least 45 hours of previous college coursework.
  • This may be completed at another accredited college or university.
  • You may also complete the required coursework in the Pathway program at King University.

Note: The program is full time and is designed so a student with 76 credit hours of work completed at an accredited college will graduate in four semesters.

Student Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration program graduates will be prepared to meet the following competency outcomes:

  • Analyze and implement industry standards for quality management and improvement.
  • Communicate effectively in oral and written work with all stakeholders in academic, clinical, and practice settings.
  • Make competent strategic and ethical decisions in order to exhibit empathy and facilitate alternatives for both patient care and effective management.
  • Plan qualitatively and quantitatively for effective leadership in specialties and also to provide timely, efficient, safe, and cost-effective patient-centered care.
  • Apply the servant-leadership model, understand its scriptural foundation, and apply it in a team environment.
  • Improve organizational effectiveness through understanding and motivating people's behavior and demonstrate an awareness as both followers and leaders.
  • Apply the socio-technical systems model, balancing efficiency and effectiveness, while accommodating both people and tasks.
  • Act locally and think globally.
  • Use life-long learning skills.