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Reverse Transfer Program

Earn your associate degree while you’re earning your bachelor’s degree. The seemless reverse transfer program allows you to be one step closer to your dream of completing your college degree.

What is the Reverse Transfer Program?

Reverse transfer creates a mechanism to send back information to the student’s Community College from King. This allows students who first attended Community College to be awarded their Somber Woman Walks Away From Tree King Universityassociate degree through remaining course requirements completed at King.

King will endeavor to provide schools in agreement with information on transfer students to assist in the identification of students that would benefit from reverse transfer of courses.

Who can participate?
Any student who has completed the minimum semester hour requirement from the Community College and a combined total of 60 semester hours toward their associate degree, at any of the below Community Colleges, is eligible for the reverse transfer program.

King University has reverse transfer agreements with several community colleges. Contact the Registrar for more information.