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School of Business

Professor Teaching King UniversityTo arrive at success in today's diverse marketplace, you'll need both a broad-based business foundation and specialization in a particular area. Through King's School of Business and Economics, you'll acquire a basic knowledge in every aspect of the profession-accounting, business communication, computer information systems, economics, finance, management, and marketing. You'll also choose an area of expertise from among our eight concentrations. In the process, you'll gain cultural sensitivity and a global perspective through faculty with international experience and from fellow students representing 24 countries and five continents.

Your international contact won't be limited to the King campus, however. You'll witness firsthand the impact of globalization on world cultures by traveling to other countries to study business practices and socio-cultural effects, tour historic and culture sites, and visit international corporations. Through our International Business Studies Program, you can spend four weeks in Pacific Asia or six weeks in Europe.

The School of Business Economics seeks to develop students who approach their chosen vocation and life's critical decisions from a distinctly Christian worldview. As such, our programs are built upon the philosophy that a Christian, liberal arts education, supplemented by a quality program of study in business and economics, best prepares students for a lifetime of service, stewardship, and success.