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What is a Psychology major?

Psychology, as the crossroad science of the cultural mind, individual behavior, and the organic imgbrain, prepares you for a wide variety of careers. The Psychology program at King University is nationally recognized. The major provides you with a unique blend of action, reflection, Christian spiritual development, and intellectual growth.

As a Psychology major, you will cultivate a unique view of human beings. You will become critically aware of the limitations and biases in current knowledge. You will learn to seek out new approaches to understanding others. You will discover how to observe, record, analyze, discuss, interpret, and explain what humans do and why.

What can I do with a Psychology degree?

To prepare you for a career in psychology, all psychology majors conduct original research and most student projects are presented at regional undergraduate or national professional conferences.  Recent majors have presented at the Blue Ridge Undergraduate Research Conference, Southeastern Psychological Association, and the Eastern Psychological Association.

Students studying psychology are encouraged to participate in an internship that serves the community where they hope to work.  Recent majors have worked in mental health facilities, school systems, crisis prevention organizations, non-profit organizations, local businesses and correction facilities.

What are Psychology majors doing?

Graduates in psychology have succeeded in graduate school in all types of psychology as well as graduate programs in medicine, law, ministry, education, special education, and other fields where further study is required. Other graduates have embraced careers that do not require further study to become youth workers, case workers in social welfare programs, personnel officers, government specialists and business managers.