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Past Issues


The Security and Intelligence Studies Journal, Volume 1, Issue 3, summer 2014.

Theme: Security, Intelligence, and the Scientific Discipline

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  • The Cia and Climate Change: Domestic Politics and National Security | Matthew Parkes 
  • Innovation Deficits in Technology: Challenge for American Intelligence | Sean Owens
  • Combatting Biological Threats: Bioforensics Before and After Amerithrax | Brooke Widner
  • “HUMIT” vs “TECHINT”: A Forced Intelligence Dichotomy | Fank Valli
  • Oil Dependency, Domestic Terrorism, and the Keystone Pipeline | Daniel Taverne 
  • Forensic Finance: Applications in National and International Security Contexts | Scott Hibbard
  • Life Science or Death Science: Mitigating the Threats of Biological Information | Brittany LInkous
  • The Effects of Israeli Security on Palestinian Health Care | Lauren Miller
  • Haiti, National Disasters, and Nation-Mentoring: A Test Case in Need | Diane A. Valdez
  • Anonymous: Activism, Cyber-Terrorism, Dissidence, and Government Response | Luis Fernando Alonso


The Security and Intelligence Studies Journal, volume 1, issue 1, May 2013.

Theme: Security challenges for the 21st century.

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  • Boko Haram: Nigerian Issue or International Security Threat? | Katelyn Hodges
  • Aiding Syria's Moderates: A Critical Security Requirement | David Reas
  • Implications of the West African Oil Rush for US National Security | Jessica Lukasik
  • Cultural Intelligence as a Key Aspect of Counterinsurgency | Eric Wilkening
  • Terrorism and Business Entrepreneurship: How Militancy is Funded | Danielle Beauvais
  • Preventing a Nuclear Iran: A Four-Point Solution | Jordan Kline
  • Environmentalists or Terrorists: Domestic Terrorism Policy Post-9/11 | Alexander Pogoloff
  • The Fourth Resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan as a Domestic Security Threat | Micah-Sage Bolden


The Security and Intelligence Studies Journal, volume 1, issue 2, January 2014.

Theme: Al-Qaeda: Past, Present, Future.

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  • Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula: Future Directions | Yozef I. Pichtel and John Pichtel
  • Al-Qaeda’s Evolution: Then and Now | Caleb Weiss
  • Al-Qaeda’s Decline in the Post 9/11 Era | Royce Nichols
  • The New Al-Qaeda: Decentralization and Recruitment | Kyle Gulsby and Aditi Desai
  • The US Africa Command and the Fight Against Al-Qaeda | Christina Matheson Chapman