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How to Print

Printing: the art of setting truths on end and stamping them with mighty impression upon the conscience of a race.

-from Wings of Intelligence by Schneidereith & Sons

Welcome to the craft of printing. This section of the website offers basic instructions for immortalizing your own works or printing the masterpieces of others. As you continue your printing endeavors, keep in mind printing is more an art than a science. If at all possible, observe the work of more experienced printers and experiment with your own methods.

Before you can begin creating your own printed masterpiece, you must choose a text and design. When designing your piece, consider the size and type of paper, font style and size, line length, spacing between lines, and graphic elements including woodcuts, borders, or dingbats.

The following instructions are based on observations at the Hatch Show Print Shop in Nashville, Tenn., my own experiences in the Sign of the George, and sections from Comprehensive Graphic Arts, third edition (Ervin A. Dennis & John D. Jenkins. Glencoe Publishing Co. Lake Forest, Ill., 1991). Any comments about the specific printing press refer to the 8"x12" Chandler & Price located nearest the outside door.

For your convenience hypertext throughout the instructions will open a diagram or glossary entry in a new window.