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Bail   Part of the press that holds the tympan onto the platen. See press diagram.
Bank   Holds type cases and has a slanted top from which to compose.
Bed   Part of the press that holds the chase. See press diagram.
Brayer   A hand-held ink roller used to flatten ink on the ink plate and sometimes ink the typeform.
Cardboard   Sheets of flat cardboard that are NOT corrugated used to layer the platen.
Chase   A rectangular metal frame that holds the typeform in the press.
Chase clamp   Part of the press that holds the top of the chase in the platen. See press diagram.
Chase hooks   Two hooks on the bottom of the bed on which the chase rests. See press diagram.
Composition stick A handheld metal shelf to hold the type while composing. Line length can be adjusted by moving the clamp or screw.
Delivery board   Shelf on the press to hold printed paper. See press diagram.
Dingbats   Small, premanufactured, clipart-like images.
Feed board   Shelf on the press to hold paper to be printed. See press diagram.
Flywheel   Wheel on the side of the press that turns with the treadle and powers the press. See press diagram.
Furniture Wooden or metal blocks used to hold the typeform in the chase.
Galley Metal tray used to hold typeforms before lockup.
Galleyproof   A rough impression created on a proofing press.
Gauge pins  
Imposing stone   A flat, hard surface on which to lockup type. Many print shops now use metal surfaces, but the Sign of the George uses marble or granite stones. (Many of our imposing stones are actually lithograph stones. DO NOT allow them to be thrown away.)
Impression lever   Lever on the left of the press. When pulled it closes the chase and platen making an impression on the paper. See press diagram.
Ink disk   Metal circle on top of the press that holds the ink.
Ink plate   glass plate on which to flatten ink for proofing or single impressions.
Leading Strips of metal used for line spacing.
Makeready sheet   A trial impression with tissue paper glued over the lightly printed areas. Used to even the type.
Planer A wooden block with one perfectly flat surface used to ensure the typeform is even.
Platen   Part of the press which holds the piece of paper being printed. See press diagram.
Pressboard   A thin wooden board used to layer the platen.
Quoin key Used to tighten the quoins.
Quoins Metal wedges or spring loaded blocks that hold the typeform and furniture tightly in the chase.
Reglets Thin pieces of wood that protect the furniture from the quoins. They can also be used for spacing.
Slugs   Metal strips thicker than leading used to support the typeform or to create larger line spacing.
Tympan paper   Stiff paper placed on the platen that holds the gauge pins.
Typecase   A flat case divided into sections to hold the type. Stored in the banks.
Typeform Completed block of type created in the composition process.