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A few Words about QEP...

"I wanted to create a culture of peer review to promote constructive feedback about communication skills in my Introduction to Education class.  Using flip cameras secured through QEP resources, students tape and review their presentations before presenting to the class. quotesssssCombining this self-analysis with a focused feedback sheet, I feel my students are now more aware of the preparation required to make quality presentations. This class is typically the first class students take in our department, so the project enabled me to emphasize this skill as one that will be important to their success in our department as well as in their careers."

Gloria Oster

School of Education 

"The QEP Plagiarism Project is providing quality insight and information regarding how our Graduate and Professional Studies students process, synthesize, and communicate information in their assignments. By measuring student plagiarism awareness, understanding student needs, and modifying our student assignment assessment process; our King University faculty members are providing informed opportunities for the intellectual and ethical growth of our students."

Ryan Bernard


There is no greater joy than seeing students train other students to use the recording software and resources that QEP has helped us obtain. It has literally changed the culture in our theatre program."

Christopher Slaughter

Department of Visual and Performing Arts