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SGA Executive Officers

President: Aaron Hitefield

Year: Senior

Major: History and Political Science / Mathematics

Minor: Security and Intelligence Studies


Vice-President: Tyler Pierce

Year: Junior

Major: History and Political Science

Minor: Secondary Education


Treasurer: Ryan O’Neal

Year: Senior

Major: Security and Intelligence Studies / Mathematics


Secretary: Jordan Smith

Year: Senior

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

Minor: K-6 Education


Chief of Staff: Chris Poteet

Year: Senior

Major: Biology

Minor: Mathematics



Student Senate Representatives 

SGA Senate meetings are held on Wednesday afternoons from 2:50-3:50pm in Sells Hall 108. Senate meetings are open to all students. 

Representatives to be voted in September 7th-9th for the following 2016-17

  • Senior Class
  • Junior Class
  • Sophomore Class
  • Freshman Class